Sunday, 29 January 2012

Pushing - (M/F, DD, Otk, Hand)

She just wanted him to notice her.

Since she had awoken that morning , Chloe had attempted to get her fiancé’s attention. She had done everything she could think of, everything that would surely annoy Aaron into giving her what she wanted but so far nothing had worked. But what did she want exactly? She wasn’t sure, only that she was feeling somewhat neglected, emotional and irrated although why she did not know. She felt out of sorts and she needed him to show he was there. Her sub conscious told her there was one way to make her feel better…..

Sure she knew in the back of her mind that her antics may get her backside into trouble but she pushed those thoughts aside, after all once she had his attention she should be able to persuade him to spend some pleasant time together, or so she reasoned.

So far though, all her bratty behaviour had earned her were a few none to threatening warnings to ‘watch it!’ and ‘behave herself!’. It was if nothing could push Aarons buttons today even when she had continued to do the things she had already been warned not to do.  He seemed to be in a cheerful, un-penetrable mood, which only irritated her further.
Tempted to admit defeat after he had ignored her throwing a cornflake at him, Chloe sighed but decided in order to get what she wanted she just needed to up her game..

“I’m going out with the guys now babe, but I’ll be back in time for dinner.” Her fiancé Aaron told her poking his head  around the door

“Okay.. Bye.” Chloe responded  mutely,  refraining from turning her head away from the computer.

As soon as he left, Chloe gave a quick contemplation on what else she could do. Maybe sass him more? Use the F-word? Mess up dinner? Have the tantrum she felt like throwing? No she really didn’t want to resort to doing those things but what else could she do? Why was she feeling like this?
After checking her emails and logging off, Chloe headed downstairs and started to prepare dinner. She busied herself with reading magazines and watching television, when she heard Aaron arrive home.

“Hey honey how’s your day been? What’s cooking?…  Something smells good!..” 
Aaron greeted Chloe with a kiss, his mood still cheerful.

“Okay. Its lasagne.” Chloe replied tonelessly as she finished the article she was reading.

“My favourite! Hey you do mind if I watch the game for a while? it’s the last one of the season...” He sat down next to her.
“No not at all, I better check on the food…” Chloe put down her magazine and started towards the kitchen, a little miffed that Aarons focus would once again be drawn from her. She felt guilty for feeling selfish but she could not fight it. Why couldn’t she just talk to him?
Instead she took out her frustration on the meal she was preparing, banging pots, slamming drawers and just generally making a lot of unnecessary noise.  Stirring the sauce into the meat in a huff, she suddenly became aware of Aarons presence.

“Do you want some help Chloe?”

“No! I’m fine.” Chloe replied with her back to him. She couldn’t help but bite out the word ‘No’. What was wrong with her?
“Okay but can you try and keep the noise down a bit? There’s no need for all that banging.”

Chloe ignored Aaron, pretending she hadn’t heard him.
“Are you listening to me Chloe?” He asked firmly. Chloe finally turned her head to look at him.
“Yes I heard you, but I was hardly making any noise anyway!” She whined, turning her attention back to the steaming pans and rolling her eyes to herself.

“Okay. Just watch the attitude…” Was all he said as he left and returned  to the living room to watch the game. Chloe fumed inwardly at his leaving, though she didn’t fully understand why. Surely she should feel relieved that she had only gotten yet another warning?

Mixing the ingredients together with a little too much force, she cried out when she accidentally splashed herself with the red hot sauce. The shouted long list of expletives that escaped from her mouth seemed to immediately get Aarons attention to her…
“What’s up? What happened?!”, He said as Chloe wiped took a sheet of kitchen roll and started mopping up the scolding liquid off her arm.
“Nothing, I just burnt myself with that damn sauce!”

As Chloe spoke, little did she realise the way Aaron was studying her movements. Her tone, her posture, her face, it all seemed to betray her.
“All right but there’s no need for language like that…”, he began after which Chloe shot him a dark look. “What’s up with you today? You’ve been acting up all day and now you seem to be having a tantrum over dinner! You know I don’t tolerate tantrums..”.

Had she finally done it?  “I have not and I’m not having a tantrum!” Where had that stamp of the foot come from? She waited for a response….

He surveyed her for a few moments and then he slowly strode past her and over to the stove while Chloe watched him intently. He switched off the gas and then finally turned his attention back to her, giving her a look of resolve which Chloe didn’t at that moment fully decipher.

“Yes Chloe you are having a tantrum and I’m not sure I wholly understand why..  Is there anything you’d like to tell me?”.
She had to think. “No…”

He sighed. “Well I’m not going to tolerate any more of this behaviour from you. I’ve let it go all day because I thought you just needed some space and that you would settle down eventually…”
Was this it?
“But I can see now I shouldn’t have. Now I want you to go stand in the corner in the living room while you calm down..” He told her and let those words sink in.
“But…but..” Had she really thought this through? “I don’t want to stand in the corner!”
“Too bad, you should have thought of that before!”.  Was he reading her mind?

She realised she had no reasonable argument in her mind to persuade him not to make her go. Should she explain the reasons for her behaviour? A nervous feeling settled in her stomach. She knew she had probably earnt herself a spanking and she hated getting a discipline spanking.
“Fine…” She decided to give in for now. At least she had his attention. Chloe stalked off to the corner and it was only a minute or so before she started to think.. .. How could she have forgotten she hated corners?!
“Stop fidgeting!”

She heard Aarons command to her as he sat back and observed her. What else she was supposed to do?!
She was left to stand there to her dismay for a few more minutes until she heard his deep voice….
“Come here please..”

Finally she could leave! Maybe now they could spend some time together? With that hopeful thought in mind she made her way over to her fiancé and came to a standstill next to his sitting form.

The words she heard next however brought her back to reality.
“Do you know why you’re getting a spanking Chloe?”
No, what had she done! She didn’t want this, did she?
“For being rude and having a tantrum and for generally being a brat..”, She was being honest. Was it too late to take all she’d done back?
“That’s right honey”, he started as he gazed into her downcast eyes. “Are you going to tell me why?”
No she wasn’t. Did she really know herself?
“Are you sure?”.He asked once again.
Chloe shook her head no. Why couldn’t she say something?!

“Very well then, lets get this over with….”.
Too late. Aaron started to unbutton her pants and he pulled down her panties with them.
“No wait! I don’t want a spanking!” She panicked as she was prepared to reap the rewards of her actions. Surely she couldn’t want this!
“Then why have you been asking for one.”
Again could he read her? “I haven’t”.
He sighed. “Youre still getting spanked..”
With her pants and panties rested at her knees, she found herself bent over and guided over his lap. She liked the feeling of closeness she felt as his legs beneath her, though she didn’t think she would enjoy this position for long.

She felt the first smack. It seemed Aaron wasn’t wasting anytime today as the spanking began..
The first few weren’t so bad, they just stung a little. It wasn’t until he started to accompany the swats with words that it began to feel uncomfortable.
“Are you going to tell me what is going on with you?” He asked, punctuating each word with a sharp slap to her bare bottom. The heat was starting to set in.
“Oww!”…. “No.”
She said the word sullenly though her backside was screaming at her to talk!
“Very well then..” He continued to turn her skin a rosy hue. As she started to yelp with each burning smack she had to ask herself whether she had really thought this through.
As more and more spanks landed, she finally felt like she could take no more. Her bottom must have turned a nice red shade already.

“Okay, Okay I’ll tell you!”
He paused and rested his palm on her hot cheeks. Chloe caught her breathe, could she say the truth?
“I’m waiting..”
This was it. She tried to gather her thoughts into something that made sense.

“I just wanted you to notice me!”, she started honestly.. “I just needed you r attention.”
He smiled though she didn’t see it.
“Well you got it. You should have just talked to me you know.”
“I know.” she replied  softly still feeling the effects of the spanking. “I guess you can stop spanking me now.”
He laughed shortly. “I don’t think so, you wanted my attention and now you have it!”.
Before Chloe could even start to protest, she felt his hand come down on her naked bottom again. And again and again. This wasn’t supposed to happen! She told herself although what exactly did she think would happen?

Aaron spanked his fiancé  with his firm hand in a rapid tempo. He was determined to give her exactly what she needed even if that meant a sore bottom. The heat increased with each smack as he concentrated on her lower curves. She tried to remain quiet but it didn’t last to wrong. Her butt stung and each spank just made the pain increase.
“Ouch! Stop… I’m Soreeeeee!”
They seemed to be the magic words, as Chloe felt herself lifted back on her feet. Her hands found her rear immediately and she tried to erase the sting that was there. Oh what had she done?!
Aaron took her hand and carefully pulled her to sit on his knee, making sure not to let her stinging red bottom touch anything.
He wrapped his arm around her and rubbed her back gently.
“Next time talk to me baby, okay?”
“Okay.. I will.”
They stayed like that for a while, she liked being held by him. Eventually he kissed the top of her head.

“So did you get what you wanted?”
She thought for moment and then looked at him and smiled.
“I guess.”



  1. EXACTLY what I need from time to time. Wishful thinking.

  2. EXACTLY what I need from time to time. Wishful thinking.