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Clara of Windlocke Part 2

“Good day Miss Bambury. Perhaps we shall meet again.”

“Perhaps,” Clara said dryly. “Well good bye.” She turned and immediately began to walk towards the house in a rush to escape his company.


“Good bye then and try and stay out of trouble young lady, else you never know what the consequences may be.” he called as she presented her back to him.

Clara looked back and scowled at him at his reminder of her recent chastisement before resuming her walk, head held high. Lucien laughed lightly and prepared to leave himself. He took one last look at the beautiful brat before stepping inside his carriage, musing to himself that it had been quite an interesting journey thus far indeed.




After changing her slightly dampened dress for a new one, Clara sat stretched out on the settee attempting to get into the novel she was reading. Just as she was about to give up and go in search of company, Bessie appeared carrying with her a sliver tea tray.


“There you are miss! Your father wishes to see you in his study right away. He didn’t say why mind, but come, best not keep him waiting.” Bessie added the last part on seeing Clara’s questioning stare, her father never asked to see her.


Clara put down the book and followed Bessie out of the parlour and into the hall where Bessie left her to return to the kitchens.  Clara waited a moment before knocking and then twisted the brass door knob to enter her fathers study. She pushed open the door to see her father sat at his desk appearing to be sealing an envelope of some sort.


“You wished to see me father?” She remained stood by the door.


“Yes. I wanted to inform you that you must pack your belongings tonight as tomorrow you shall leave for London.” He said as if it were a matter of no importance.


“London? But whatever for?!” Clara inquired, surprised at what he was saying. Why would he be sending her to London?


“Yes London and do not question me child!” he scolded as he finally looked up from his desk to acknowledge her. “I have decided you are to stay with your uncle and aunt in London and have your season in society. I have sent your uncle a sum of money to make sure you have all the new dresses and anything else you require. You would do best to use this opportunity to your advantage.”


Clara knew what he meant. His intentions were that she find a husband. He obviously did not know that she had little interest in getting married or attending balls and all that was associated with such. She dared say she was surprised, her father did not know her at all.


“Please father, must I go? I would rather stay here than go to London.” she pleaded sincerely.


“Yes you must go, how dare you be so ungrateful!” Merrill’s eyes narrowed at her in annoyance.

“Now I do not wish to hear another word from you on the matter, go prepare to leave at once.”


“Yes father.” She said meekly and then hurried out the door before the tears that threatened to flow, did so. Once in the hall she could not hold them back any longer and she practically ran up the stairs nearly bumping into one of the house maids along the way as she sought the comfort of her room.


On entering, Clara threw herself down on the bed and started to sob into her pillow, her mind  not able to think of anything other than the distressing thought of having to leave the home and people she had known for all her eighteen years.


So consumed in her misery was she that she did not hear Bessie enter her room.

“Oh miss, whatever is the matter? What has you so upset?” Bessie sat down next to the crying younger woman. Clara turned her face from the covering of the pillow and quickly wiped the moist tears from her cheeks.

“Oh Bessie I am to be sent away. Tomorrow in fact!”

“Yes your father has just informed me. But why the tears? You shall have a marvellous time in London, why all the balls and admirers…” Bessie smiled.

“But I shall miss you terribly and Sam and..”   her voice trailed off as she broke into fresh sobs.

“Well she shan’t miss me as I'll be coming with you. My sister Esther works in a flower shop and master's given me permission to visit her , so i'll be accompanying you on your journey.

“You are?!” Clara asked hopefully.

“Yes miss so do not worry as I shall not be far from you, though I’m sure you'll forget all about me soon enough!”

Clara managed a watery smile, Bessie’s news had relieved her somewhat. With a gentle pat on the back, Bessie rose and began to prepare for the trip, packing Clara’s belongings into the leather cases while Clara soon succumbed to sleep.


The journey to London was uneventful, though the noise and  of the city was a relatively new experience for Clara and she spent the latter part of staring out the window absorbing the new surroundings. Soon enough they arrived at the front of her Uncle and Aunts townhouse and Clara was
invited inside by the family butler after saying a hearty goodbye to Bessie.

She had only taken a few steps inside when she saw a red headed girl race down the stairs and towards her, embracing her enthusiastically

“Oh Clara! It has been so long since I’ve seen you, I'm so glad you are here!”

“Yes me too!” She said half truthfully, it was certainly good to see her cousin again.

“Ruby, no running in the house!” came a deep voice from nearby. Clara looked towards the direction it came from where she saw a tall man a few years older than her, stood by the door, his face featuring a broad grin.

“William!” Clara cried as she was greeted by her other cousin as soon as Ruby released her.

“My haven’t you grown. Still look like the little imp I remember mind!” William teased after kissing her on the cheek.


“Please Will you only saw me but a year ago, I do not look much different.”


“Perhaps not.” he chuckled just as her Aunt and Uncle appeared at the stairs.



Clara was instantly made to feel welcome and at home, she had forgotten what it felt like to be part of a loving family and her earlier fears for coming were soon forgotten.


“Oh we will have so much fun together!” Ruby proclaimed as they sat in the parlour after dinner. Clara smiled at Ruby’s excitement, her sense of adventure almost matched her own. It was some hours before they both retired to bed, after discussing the ball that was to be held the very next evening.




Will you be attending the Hardwick’s ball then Lucien?” His mother inquired over dinner at Luciens London house. His parents, the Duke and Duchess of Windlocke had decided to pay visit.


“No I think not mother, you know I don’t usually care to attend such parties. I have more pressing matters to attend to besides.”


“Oh come now, you must attend or at least make an appearance. There will be plenty of fine young ladies there, it is really time you gave up your bachelorhood. I would like to become a grandmother before I pass.”


“Leave the boy alone Elise, what he chooses to do is his own business.” her husband scolded gently before swiftly changing the subject.


“So tell me, did you have a pleasant journey here?”


Lucien tried not smile at the memory of the spirited girl he had encountered on his travels and what had occurred between them. If truth be told the young miscreant had occupied his thoughts for the remainder of his journey and beyond, and he had been unable to erase the delicious image of her draped over his lap from his mind. It was a spanking that was truly deserved in his opinion but he could not deny that he enjoyed imparting the lesson.


“It was fine. No troubles to speak of and we arrived in good time.” he answered.


The mention of the previous days events caused Lucien’s thoughts to linger a little more on the mysterious female. Realising he was doing so he chided himself for thinking about a girl he would most likely, never meet again. Lucien couldn’t quite understand why though, that thought, left him feeling rather disappointed.




So far the evening had been a success. That was if you would call receiving five gentleman’s cards a success, though Ruby believed it was. Clara was thankful that Ruby had given her a long lesson in all the best known dances as she had spent most the evening on her feet moving to the harmony of the small orchestra. Ruby had also given Clara an essential teaching in all the correct social topics and etiquette, as Claras knowledge of which was severely lacking.


Due to the declining health of Ruby and Williams grandmother, Claras aunt and uncle had been called to pay an unforeseen visit to the dying woman’s home, leaving William to escort both Clara and Ruby to the ball. With her feet starting to ache, Clara had remained standing at the edge of the ballroom for the past two dances choosing to converse with William instead.


“Oh please excuse me Clara I see a friend of mine has arrived. I must go greet him but I shall not be long.”  William informed her and then left to meet the small party that had just arrived. Clara decided to attach herself to a nearby group of  girls around her age where she spent the next twenty minutes or so trying, with little success, to join in their conversation of the latest Parisian fashions.


As she took another sip of champagne, she recognised William had returned and he stood behind the circle of ladies who then stepped aside to allow him to join them. It took only a little longer for Clara to recognise the man beside him and when she did she almost let out a gasp in shock.


“Ladies, allow me to introduce Lord Lucien Windlocke..”


Even as William gave the necessary introductions, Luciens eyes were already on Clara and he only looked away to nod briefly at the other women as William stated their names. Clara tried to control the feelings of surprise and she suddenly felt desperate to escape any attention from him.


“And this is my cousin Clara Bambury.” It was finally Clara’s turn to be introduced and she felt as if Lucien’s eyes were boring into her as he imparted her with a slight smile.


“How do you do Miss Bambury. Please would you do me the honour of joining me for the next dance.”


Clara could not think of a way to refuse especially as she was in the midst of company. She cleared her throat and feigned a delighted expression as she uttered, “Yes of course, I would like that very much.”


Lucien presented his hand which Clara reluctantly took and he led her away from their fellow guests and towards the centre of the room, where, satisfied they were out of earshot he began to speak.


“It seems we meet again then Clara although I must say I did not expect it to be so soon.” he said as he took in her appearance. He had to admit she presented an even more pleasing sight than when he had seen her before, with her chestnut hair pinned at the back of her head with a few loose curls cascading past her nape and the daring cut of the pale green silk dress she was wearing. Lucien found he was starting to respond to her.


Clara suddenly felt her temper start to rise at the way he spoke to her and the fact that he was here when she would have liked nothing more than to forget about their previous meeting. Of course standing in his presence again brought back the recollections of the spanking she had received and she felt herself blush at the very thought.


“What are you doing here sir?” she asked, trying to sound polite but with her current temperament still evident.


“Why I was invited here. Were you hoping I would not be? I do hope our first meeting hasn’t prejudged your opinion of me.”


“Please sir, you are no gentlemen to talk of such an event. I cannot say I am endeared towards you after your high handed treatment of me.”


Lucien had to admire her boldness and felt a slight guilt at her obvious embarrassment although he was a man of honesty.


“Forgive me my dear but I must say your chastisement was well deserved and I hope it has curtailed your unlady like behaviour. Tell me have you been behaving yourself?”


Clara’s face grew dark but just as she was about to speak the music in the room changed signalling the start of the next dance.


“Let us forget our discussion for now.” Lucien said as he placed a hand on her shoulder blade and escorted her to the position for the start of the dance.


The music played and much to Clara’s relief the dance required little closeness between them and neither did they talk but merely stared at one another whenever they were facing. Fortunately it was over rather quickly and as the dance ended Lucien began to take the few steps to reach Clara when a voice stopped him.


“Lucien there you are! You promised  you would dance with me, don’t tell me you have forgotten!” A dark haired girl appeared at Lucien’s side.


“No Miss Rotherham I have not forgotten.” Lucien told her resigned to the fact that he must now leave Clara and dance with the young lady not quite wanting to offend her.


“Excuse us please Miss Bambury. Thank you for the dance. I would like to speak to you later if you will permit.”


Clara nodded as she had a feeling that he would anyway with or without her permission.


She made her way to the edge of the room once again and after failing to see William she began to talk to a girl named Charlotte whom she had met earlier. Every now and again Clara would find her eyes wandering to glimpse at Lucien and Miss Rotherham as they danced and she wasn’t so foolish as to realise that his partner was interested in him. She knew what flirting looked like.


As she continued to watch them between snippets of conversation, she began to feel strange as if an unfamiliar feeling had developed inside of her. Not caring to watch them any longer and suddenly experiencing an overwhelming desire to leave, Clara said her goodbyes to Charlotte and went off in search of Ruby. She found Ruby near to the entrance of the grand house appearing to be talking to a gentleman.


“Oh Ruby I’m afraid I’m not feeling well and I shall be leaving.” Clara told her. Ruby quickly excused herself to the gentleman before replying.


“Leave? Well we must go inform William so he can take you home.”


“No there’s no need to tell William, I shall be fine by myself and I can take our carriage and send it back here for you.”


“But Will-” Ruby began but was cut off.


“Honestly Ruby I am leaving and please do not tell William I have gone.” Clara said firmly.


“Very well then but I will come with you as I do not wish you to ride alone.” Ruby conceded.


They fetched their cloaks and then made there way outside into the night, neither realising that travelling home would present such a problem.



“Lucien have you seen my sister or cousin? I’m afraid I can’t seem to find them.”


“No not at all. Have you checked with one of the maids to see  if they are upstairs?” Lucien suggested. He too had been searching for Clara since he managed to depart the company of Miss Rotherham but he had not had any luck in finding her, it was if she had disappeared.


“Are you looking for Ruby?” a female voice inquired.


“Yes Lady Talbot, have you seen her?” William asked the elderly woman who was slumped in her chair and who also happened to be a family aquaintence.


“Yes I saw her go through the front door with another young lady, it looked as if they were returning home but why are they not with you?”


Not bothering to give the lady a full response, Lucien and William strode towards the main entrance and out onto the driveway but saw no sign of the two girls only a trio of footmen engaged in friendly banter.


“Where do you suppose they have gone?” William asked his friend with concern.


“I do not know Will but if they have left and gone home alone without telling a single person than I shall-” Lucien stopped himself.


William knew what he was about to say and agreed wholeheartedly. Now if only they could find the two wayward ladies, they would give them a lesson they would not forget, and with that in mind the two men set off in their search.

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Clara of Windlocke - Part 1 (Historical Romance, M/F, Hand)

Hertfordshire, England 1840

“Do say you will be attending the Hardwick’s ball Clara, it will be the grandest of the season. Well aside from our very own of course!”

Clara Bambury gazed longinglyout the large parlour window at the falling snow, barely paying attention to the conversation around her. She so wished to be outside and far from the company of the snooty Rotherham’s whom her father had invited to pay call. She could tell from her fathers behaviour so far that he was keen to impress them.

“That is quite true Margaret”, Lady Rotherham agreed with her daughters statement with a somewhat arrogant air. “It is time you came out in society Clara, lord only knows why your father has permitted you to reside here since you became of a marriageable age. You will find yourself amongst far finer company in London than you will here.”

Merill Bambury sat straight in his chair next to Lord Rotherham looking stung at his guests indirect criticism. Clara smiled politely, refraining from voicing her true thoughts on the subject.

A maid arrived bringing tea and an assortment of cakes and Clara continued to endure the Rotherham’s presence and off hand remarks. Margaret told her about the latest fashions in London and offered to help her should she visit and attend the seasons balls, although Clara sensed her intentions were hardly of the good natured kind.

When  Lord Rotherham announced it was time they left, Clara was extremely relieved and as they stood in the grand hall she eagerly gave her formal farewells. After watching them enter their carriage and descend down the pebbled drive, Clara and her father headed inside into the warmth of their county house. With a stony glare Merill retired to his study leaving Clara, as usual, alone to entertain herself.

“Why miss Clara you cant go outside dressed like that you’ll catch your death!” Bessie, Clara’s personal maid appeared just as Clara was about to leave again through the main door. 

“Don’t fret so Bessie, the snow is no longer falling and I do not intend to be out that long.” Clara turned to the middle aged maid whom had become a motherly figure since her own mother had passed when Clara was a small child.

“Still, I’ll not be having you getting sick on me. Wait there child and I’ll fetch you your cloak!” Bessie scurried off up the stairs and returned quicker that Clara expected and slightly panting for breath.

“Thank you Bessie, I’ll be back in time for dinner.” Clara donned the garment and giving the maid a smile she turned and skipped her way outside whilst Bessie watched her go, shaking her head in a parental manner. 

The cold wintry air hit Clara with ferocity and she now welcomed the extra clothing she had been supplied with. However her face rapidly began to feel as if it were turning to ice and she had a fleeting though that she should perhaps go back inside and sew or read by the comforting fireplace.  

Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to tread in the freshly fallen snow, she banished all thoughts and undeterred went in search of her playmate.

At sixteen, Samuel the stable boy was two years her junior but had worked for her father as long as she could remember. As Clara reached the stables she spotted him tending to one of the horses and she slowly crept up on him, tapping him on the shoulder. 

“Oh afternoon miss Clara, wa‘nt expectin to see you! What y’ doing out in this weather mind? Y’should be inside not out ere in the cold!”

“Oh Sam you sound just like Bessie! What are you doing to the horse? Can I help?” Clara stroked the velvety coat of the black mare as she spoke.

“No y’cant. Mr Sedges will have me hide if he catches y’ doin any work around ere!” Samuel exclaimed with all seriousness, referring to the stable master. While most the staff where used to Clara talking with them and trying her best to help in some way, they still did their best to dissuade her as it would not do to have Master Merill find out she was associating  with people below her class.

“Well can you not leave the stables and come walk with me? I will be dreadfully lonely otherwise.” Clara  said displaying a pretty pout on her delicate features, a tactic she had often used before on Sam to get him to accompany her on one of her outings. 

Shaking his head, Sam was about to reply when Mr Sedges appeared carrying a bucket of water. He set it down near to the horses front leg and after wiping his brow he addressed his young assistant.

“Why don’ya run along now lad, I’ll tend the mare ere.” Relieving Sam of his duties temporarily, Clara gave the elderly man a gratuitous smile and immediately grasped Sam by his elbow pulling him away from the stables. 

“Ere now Clara, where are we goin? There aint much to do out ere.” Sam asked as he kept one hand on his cap to keep the wind from whipping it off his head.

“I am not sure really, perhaps we could go to the brook.”

“The brook? Why ever y’wanna go there?! I still think ye mad for wanting to be out in this weather!”

Clara giggled at his teasing. “Come on now Sam, it is not that cold and where is your sense of adventure?! We shall not be long, I promise.”

Sam followed her knowing that she would not be persuaded otherwise and remembering he had never had any luck before. They kicked their feet lightly  through the soft thick snow, Clara contented to be out in the crisp, sunny air and away from the confines of the house. She seldom spent her time there, preferring to roam amongst the vast estate. 

The brook was located at the edge of her fathers lands and it was a place that she and Sam would often frequent and they considered it ‘theirs’ as they were the only ones to go there. On one side of the stream was a dense collection of tall oak trees which gave way to the nearest road which would occasionally be travelled by people on their way to London. Of course it was much more beautiful in the summer time, when the surrounding plants and flowers were at full bloom and they could sit on the bank throwing pebbles in to the clear water. 

Today however it looked different. Their favourite spot was almost camouflaged by the snow and as they reached the waterside, Clara peered down to see that the water had completely frozen to become ice. 

“My feet are wet, let us sit down.” She spoke as she cleared the sturdy lower branch of a nearby tree with her gloved hand. She sat down while Sam remained standing. “Oh and my dress is wet too!” She sighed as she looked down to see that the bottom of her skirts were soaked at least a good few inches from walking.

“Well what did ye expect like?!” Sam scolded gently as he watched her feel the dampness. Clara looked up and frowned at him before picking up the hem of her dress and  trying to reduce the wetness although deep down, knowing it would be futile. Distracted, she failed to see Sam bend down and gather the icy matter into his hand. 

“I have a gift for you Clara….”

“Oh really?! What is it?!” Clara brightened as she looked at him. The grin across his face almost gave his intentions away. 

Sam brought forward his concealed hand and raising his arm he threw the ball of snow, hitting her straight in the chest.

Clara gasped at the assault before hauling herself to her feet. “Oh Sam how underhanded of you!” She shot him a look of outrage and then bending down she picked up her own collection of snow and moulded it into a ball. Her annoyance turned to amusement as she advanced towards him.

“Ey now I was only……!”

He was hit forcefully on the lower back and he spun around, seeing her laughing at him. 

“Well that serves you right!” she admonished playfully. “I suppose that means we are even now.” Even as the words escaped her mouth Clara was already gathering her next snowball ready to attack once again. With a mischievous glint in her eye she took a step towards Sam.. 

“Wait! Did y’ hear that?”

Clara was stopped from what she was about to do and she listened as the sounds of hooves trotting  became louder. 

“It sounds like somebody is passing by. Shall we go take a look?”

Sam nodded and forgetting their childish battle, they hurried through the trees and to the other side where they had a view of the narrow road and surrounding fields from the slightly elevated position 

As soon as they reached the clearing they could see a horse drawn carriage making its way towards the direction they were stood.
“I wonder who that is? There is not another residence nearby.” Clara said, relating the fact that her home had no neighbours. 

“Aye but could be a traveller to London.”  They continued to watch the carriage approach, its exterior suggesting that perhaps it carried a wealthy person Clara decided. 

Taking his eyes off the chaise for a moment he glanced at Clara noticing she still clutched the mound of snow in her hand which had begun to melt, giving him an idea. 

“Ere now Clara, I wonder would you dare throw that at them strangers carriage….” He nodded his head toward her hand.

“Are you daring me Samuel?” she questioned, although knowing the answer. It was not unusual for Sam to goad her into some sort of trouble not that she could not manage that by herself she recalled as past events flooded her mind. 

“Well miss, I may be…. Though a fine girl such as yourself wud’na do nothing like that I’m sure!” 

Clara giggled at his attempt at sarcasm. She looked down at the ball in her palm, her moral thoughts telling her that it was possibly not a nice thing to do but on the other hand she could never back away from a challenge. She feared to be thought of as weak or timid and she was always trying to prove that she was as brave as any man. 

Her mind made up, and with the carriage about to pass them by, Clara used all her strength to hurl the clump of snow at the moving transportation. She had aimed for the small passenger window but watched anxiously as it hit something else.

“Oh no Clara you gone an hit the driver!”

Clara watched in dismay as the driver seemed to struggle with the horses reigns and then pulled to stop them from going any further.  

“Why have they stopped?”  Clara whispered to Sam, worried that the driver or his passengers would be alerted to their presence. She unconsciously took a step back towards the offered shelter of the trees.

“Perhaps they stopped to give y’ the tanning of your life!” Sam teased as Clara scowled at him.

“Sam don’t say such a thing!” She hoped that the carriage would once again continue on its journey but saw that it still failed to move.  

Sam strained his neck to get a better look and then stood back, a worried look cast across his boyish face. “Y’really done it now Clara, I recognise that emblem I do. That carriage belongs to Lord Windlocke.” 

“Windlocke?” As the question left her lips, the carriage door began to open. Clara gulped. What had she done?


Lucien Windlocke watched in disbelief as the young girl launched her attack at is coachman. He had been watching her since he first noticed her as they made their descent down the snow covered road, her chestnut curls and enchanting face keeping his attention.

He felt the carriage stop abruptly and could hear his driver attempting to calm the horses to a halt.

The shock of the act evaporating, Lucien’s astonishment turned to irritance at the potential danger the girl could have caused. He intended to show his displeasure and seeing that the girl and her young friend had not yet disappeared, Lucien placed his gloved hand on the handle of the wooden door.

Seemingly unable to move, Clara and Samuel stared, mouths agape as the carriage door opened and the body of the stranger began to emerge. 

“Quick Clara, let’s be going!” Sam attempted to get her attention before it was too late to run as he himself couldn’t help but worry. His suggestion however was met with silence. 

A clothed leg appeared followed by his face,  the mans eyes immediately focused on Clara as he stepped out. 

“Aye tis Lord Windlocke for certain, my father used to work for him he did. Darn it looks like we too late to leave now, we shoulda gone when I said.”

“Clara?” Sam prompted when yet again she failed to respond. 

“Yes? Oh, You do not think he will be angry with us do you?” Clara replied once she realised Sam was talking to her. Her eyes still remained focused on the imposing stranger as he made his way towards them.

“Us? Do y’ mean you?!” Sam jested. Clara turned her head to frown at him before she returned to watch the advancing man.

It was obvious to her by the way he was dressed that he was indeed a lord or at least a person of wealth. Clara had always imagined lords and such to be mostly old and greying , but this one looked to be no older than in his early thirties. The colour of his hair could be only described as an unearthly shade of black and as he got nearer Clara noticed his eyes were equally as dark. He cut an intimidating figure, tall and fairly broad which in contrast to Clara’s petite form, served to increase her nervousness. 

Finally the man came to a stop directly in front of where their feet were still planted, his expression unreadable as to his true feelings on the incident. Clara waited in anticipation for him to speak, she could have sworn her palms were sweating despite the cold. Luckily she didn’t have to wait long. 

“Good Afternoon, I see you have been enjoying the weather we are having.”

Clara couldn’t miss the hint of sarcasm in his statement or the way his eyebrows rose at her when he spoke. It was clear he was referring her throwing the clump of snow at his carriage and that thought did not fill her with ease. She also could not help notice how handsome he was, the way his lips curved slightly into a small smile softened his masculine features although if was there to calm her somewhat, it sadly failed.  

“Good Afternoon to you too sir, you are quite right we have been enjoying our walk in the fresh air. I do hope the snow has not affected your travels.”

Lucien tried not to grin at the girls attempt to distract him from what she knew he was about to discuss or the innocent way she delivered her speech. He would be lying if her sweet smile hadn’t melted his firmness on the matter partially. It was a good thing he was used to beautiful woman trying their feminine wiles on him as this one was indeed beautiful. Still she looked to be not long since childhood , her  blue eyes shone at him brightly.   

“No not at all. Well that was until just a moment ago I might add. It seems a mischievous young lady thought to pelt our carriage as we were travelling down the road.”

“Really? Is that so…” Clara replied trying to sound nonchalant. She glanced toward Sam who was still stood next to her quietly, hoping for some sort of answer from him as to what to do, but did not find one as Sam seemed to have lost his bravado since this man had started speaking with them 

“Yes it is quite true. Tell me miss…?”

“Emily. Emily Bambury”. Clara supplied, giving the name she often give to any visiting footman to her home when she and Sam would play tricks on them. She wasn’t quick enough to give a different last name.

“Miss Bambury. Do you make a habit of a throwing things at unsuspecting travellers?”

Clara averted her eyes for a second, looking down at the white ground, trying to think of an answer but could think of nothing to redeem herself. Lucien watched her hesitation with mild amusement.

“No of course not! I was merely having a little fun is all. Nobody got hurt sir and no harm was done, surely you are not angry over the matter?”

“No not angry. However your stunt could have potentially caused my driver to lose control of the horses and caused an accident. It was also a little childish don’t you think?”
Clara was not sure she could argue that point but if their was one thing she hated, it was to be called a child. She was eighteen year old now! She was about to tell him that it was not childish and he was taking the incident too seriously when he spoke again stopping her from her argument.

“Come. Since your act has destined us to meet I shall escort you home and we can discuss this matter in the warmth of my carriage.” 

Clara looked at him as if he was insane, his offer did not sound appealing to her in the slightest. At least he seemed relatively calm and had not scolded her severely which she had considered would happen although she was still was not about to get in his carriage. 

“Really sir there is no need, I apologise so that should really be the end of it.” Clara said with no sincerity. “ I shall walk home if you don’t mind.”

“Actually I do mind and I insist.” Lucien turned his attention for a moment to the young boy beside her. “What about you boy, would you like to join us?” 

“Oh no sir, thanks for the offer but I must be getting back to work now! Bye Clara!” Sam finally spoke and as quick as he uttered his words he was gone, scurrying through the trees as if his life depended on it. Clara could have kicked him for deserting her and she planned to once she was back at the manor.

“Clara?! I thought you said your name was Emily.” Lucien asked sternly.

Clara gulped, now she really wanted to kick Sam! She remained quiet which Lucien took as to mean it was not Emily as he had been told, and that he had been lied too.

“I see, I suppose we should add lying to our discussion.” 

“No we shall not as I am not going anywhere with you!” Clara folded her arms squarely, her temper starting to show due to the highhandedness off this man in her opinion. Why did he care what she did?

Lucien watched her mild tantrum, shaking his head at her feistiness. He did not want to let her off so easily but he was concerned she may be frightened of him and so he tried to speak his next words in a softer reassuring tone. 

“Listen Clara, for a start I do not want you walking home in this chill. I promise you, you will be safe riding with me so let us leave now.” 

Clara continued to glare at him refusing to move or speak. She still hoped to avoid getting into his carriage or them having any sort of  ‘discussion’. Lucien sighed, beginning to lose patience. 

“Or I could pick you up and carry you to my carriage….”

“No! How dare you threaten me so!” She shot back angrily. The temper which she had inherited from her late mother according to one of the maids, in full force.

Lucien had had enough of her stubbornness and so he took a step towards her. Unfortunately she did the only thing she could think of to stop him from carrying out is promise and kicked him swiftly in the shin before immediately turning and running towards the woodland. She had completely forgotten however that the ground was now coated in an icy slush and as in the midst of her escape she started to slip and as she did so she felt herself being grasped around the waist and lifted off her feet. 

“No put me down!” Clara shouted, unthankful of his assistance as he carried her away from the direction she was heading. He did not say anything until to her surprise she felt herself lowered onto his lap, it appeared he was sitting down on something.  Lucien sat down on the remainder of the fallen tree log and wasted no time in turning her over to lay across his lap keeping a firm hold around her slender waist. Clara struggled in shock but found she was no match for his size or strength. 

“Let go of me! What are you doing!”

Lucien kept his hold on her to keep her from escaping, he was determined that she pay the consequences for her actions. He still could not believe that she had kicked him, the little imp had spirit he would give her that.

“What I’m doing my dear is giving you the spanking you deserve! Never will you kick me again.” He spoke in a controlled manner and before she could screech at him in outrage he brought his hand down on her unsuspecting rear. He began spanking with gusto, beginning as he meant to go on, he intended to get her attention. 

“No you cant! Let me go do you hear!” Clara was beyond mortified at what was happening. How dare he spank her like a little girl, nobody had ever done this to her before! She tried once again to struggle but found to her chagrin that she could not escape as Lucien’s arm pinned her in place.

“I can and I will. I will let you up once I’m finished.” He told her, his words were spoken as if they were having a normal conversation. He continued to spank her, raining smacks upon her clothed bottom, but something told him he wasn’t quite getting through to her. He paused momentarily to lift up her skirts, keeping her undergarments in place as to not offend her modesty. As soon as he had done so he resumed and it was only several swats before she began to vocally protest once again. 

“Please stop!” Clara cried, hating to give in but seeing no other alternative to putting an end to this embarrassing chastisement. When he had first started she had to admit it hadn’t felt too bad but now that the protection of her skirts had been removed, her posterior was really starting to sting.

“Are you going to apologise?” He asked. 

Clara thought for a moment, as best she could in her position. She did not really want to give him the satisfaction of an apology but as Lucien placed a few more swats on her rapidly smarting backside, she soon made up her mind. 

“Yes yes! I’m sorry please stop now!” 

Lucien gave her two more and then stopped and righted her clothing.  Once her skirts were back in place he assisted her to her feet and then rose himself. 

“Are you going to be a good girl and allow me to take you home?” he asked  as he looked down on her bonnet clad head, which surprisingly had not come loose during the spanking. 

Clara nodded, at the same time wanting desperately to rub at her nether regions. This was a new feeling to her and she wasn’t entirely sure how to get rid of it. 

“Alright. Come on then little one, lets go..” Lucien motioned for her to start walking towards the carriage which thankfully she did. He couldn’t miss the expression on her face which suggested she was feeling rather sorry for herself and he had a strange urge to comfort her but shook it off.

Lucien opened the door and Clara stepped inside. He then went to tell his driver of the detour to be made who luckily knew the whereabouts of the Bambury home. Lucien was certain that he had seen the whole incident and  he planned on having a few words with his driver about privacy once they reached his London house. Having informed him of the new plans, he entered the carriage and sat down  on the seat opposite Clara. 

They started to move but neither spoke as they sat in silence. Clara’s thoughts were concentrated on what had just occurred, the shock had still not worn off and she was not sure how to feel about it.

Suddenly a bump in the road caused her to shift slightly off her seat, this movement causing her to be fully aware of the discomfort she was still experiencing. This revelation and the short time after, Clara was working herself into a state of indignation as she it finally hit her about what had happened. How dare he spank her?!

Lucien watched her think to herself, he himself in mild contemplation. Fortunately for the both of them it did not take long to reach Clara’s home and as her house came into view she looked out the window, hoping there was nobody around. Although she was somewhat ignorant on the rules of society, she knew it would do well to be seen departing the carriage having spent time alone with a gentleman and she knew Bessie would have something to say on the matter. 

They came to a stop on the wide drive in front of  the house and once stilled Lucien pulled open the heavy door and stepped out, offering Clara his hand. Clara stood up but instead of allowing him to assist her, she shot him a scathing look and jumped down herself ignoring the raised eyebrow he gave her. Lucien refrained from commenting on her stubbornness, instead he began to say his farewells. 

Merrill Bambury watched the two of them from his study window, a dangerous smile beginning to form across his rounded face. He could not believe that the Duke of Windlockes’ son was standing on his very own estate and talking to his daughter no less.  Perhaps his daughter was worth something after all, he thought to himself. He watched them for a few more moments before he left to sit down at his oak desk, plans already forming in his mind. He picked up his pen and began to write his letter….


Bad Day - (M/F, DD, Hand, Otk)

Entering her office and then hanging up her coat, Zoe groaned inwardly at the amount of papers she saw on her desk.  Having had just two days off work sick the previous week had created an enormous backlog of work, which didn’t seem to be reducing, only increasing. It didn’t help that her secretary was now off sick too, meaning  no extra help at all which only increased Zoe’s workload.

Taking a deep breath and letting out a long sigh, Zoe sat down in front of her computer and knuckled down to work. It was a busy morning at the office, people coming and going, phones ringing, both of which were not helping Zoe’s concentration and the noise was starting to irritate her. Zoe mostly managed to block it out and even managed to complete a large proportion of her tasks. Zoe decided to take a small break and check her emails only to find that for some reason she couldn’t seem to access them. Fuming somewhat as this was the third time this had happened in the past two weeks, Zoe called the I.T helpdesk. The guy at the other end of the phone didn’t seem very helpful to Zoe, though he did say she should be able to gain access in an hour or so. ‘An hour or so?!’ thought Zoe, ‘what if I have an important message!’ Zoe groaned again but realised that there was nothing she could do and so went back to doing some reading and filing.  

All seemed to be going smoothly for Zoe until later in the morning when having reached over for a pen from her pencil holder, she accidentally knocked over her plastic cup full of coffee, spilling its liquid content all over the file she was reading.

“F*%$**G HELL DAMM IT!!” Zoe cursed out loud. She immediately stood up, grabbed some nearby tissues and began clearing up the mess. In her frenzied state Zoe failed to notice her colleague was stood behind her with the office cordless phone in his hand. He had to pat her on the shoulder to get her attention, Zoe turned round to face him.

“It’s for you Zoe, the boyfriend I think” he smiled at her and handed Zoe the phone.

“Ok thanks Paul” Zoe said as she watched his retreating back.

“Hello?” Zoe answered wondering why her husband would be calling.

“Hey honey how is work?” asked Adam

“Oh just a little stressful but I’m just about coping” she replied

“That’s good. I just called to let you know that I’ll be home at around half six and I will bring us home a takeaway for dinner”

“Oh ok, well I shall see you later then” Zoe responded

“Have a good day sweetie. and Zoe?” 


“Watch your language young lady!” Adam told her in fairly stern voice but with a hint of amusement that he tried to hide. 

Zoe pulled a face and rolled her eyes. “I will” she said sweetly, “love you bye”. She quickly hung up before Adam had a chance to give her a lecture. ‘Paul must have been standing there longer than I thought’.

The rest of the day Zoe became more and more frustrated. It seemed that even though she had managed to get a fair amount of work done, people were asking her to do more and more. The phones were constantly ringing and as she entered her meeting that afternoon her head was starting to hurt.

Zoe then had to sit through two hours of her boss moaning and complaining about nothing and then the most boring presentation about god knows what. By 5 o clock Zoe was more than happy to be leaving.

However the traffic that day was worse than ever due to a road accident on the motorway. Zoe sat in her car wishing it would move quicker. After a frustratingly slow journey home, Zoe finally pulled up in her driveway. She walked over to the front door fumbling in her handbag for the house keys.  After a minute Zoe still hadn’t found them so she started emptying the contents of her bag hoping to spot them.

‘Damm where are they?!’ She wondered her annoyance levels rising. Zoe headed back to the car, unlocked it and immediately spotted them on the passenger seat. Picking them up and glad that she hadn’t lost them, Zoe unlocked the front door and entered.

Dumping her outdoor items at the bottom of the stairs, Zoe went straight into the kitchen and frowned at the mess she saw there. Deciding she was in no mood for housework today, Zoe half heartedly dumped some dirty plates in the dishwasher and then headed to the front room. She flopped herself on the sofa with a resounding sigh and switched on the television. Shortly after Adam arrived home and popped his head round the door seeing Zoe gazing at the TV screen with a bit of a pout on her face.

“Hey babe, how are ya?” he asked

“Fine!” she said sounding as if she was anything but fine.

Adam could tell there was something bothering her but before he could talk to her anymore he needed to put the takeaway in the kitchen before it got cold. Adam unwrapped the food and then called out to her.

“Zoe can you come and sort some plates out please” he asked but heard no response.


“Yes I’m coming!” she shouted and rose from her spot to meet Adam in the kitchen.

‘oh dear’ Adam thought, judging by her response he could tell she was definitely stressed out.

Zoe ignoring Adam opened the cupboards and Pulled out two plates. Adam couldn’t help but notice the way she purposely slammed the cupboard door and the plates down on the counter.

Adam sighed. “What’s wrong honey?” he asked gently.

“Nothing” she muttered with her back to him.

Adam walked up behind her and placed his hand on her left shoulder. “Don’t lie to me young lady, something is definitely bothering you, what is it?!”

Zoe ignored his question and stepping to the side, forcefully pulled open the cutlery drawer pulled out two knives and forks and closed it with heavy push. Adam having decided he’d had enough of his girlfriends behaviour came and stood behind her again and spoke in a firm controlled manner; “Ok that’s enough of the tantrum, I want you to go into the living room and calm down, I’ll be in there in a moment”.

Zoe finally turned around and looked at him. “But what about dinner?” she questioned.

“Dinner can wait.” was all he said. Zoe not bothering to argue stalked and sulked her way out the kitchen and dropped her self back on the sofa. Zoe knew she’d been acting like a moody child since she got home but she couldn’t seem to help herself. She didn’t know why she was feeling and acting like this only that her stress levels had been building all day and she couldn’t seem to control them.

Deep in her own thoughts Adam entered the room and sat down next to her.  He put her arm around her and hugged her to his side This action caused Zoe to breakdown crying, the tears seemingly coming from nowhere flowed down her cheeks. “Bad day?” he asked softly and kissed the top of her head. Zoe snuggled up against him and simply nodded her head. Adam released her for a moment and gripping the top of her waist pulled her across to sit on his lap. Zoe always felt comforted in this position though she did feel a little childish at times. Resting his palm on her thigh he began to speak to her again.

“ Zoe I know we all have bad days but you need to talk to me about when you feel like this, not let it stay bottled up inside you causing you to act out.” he told her caringly.

“I know I’m sorry” she said sincerely while wiping her wet eyes with her hand.

Adam waited a moment before responding. “I know babe, but I’ve decided that I’m going to give you a spanking now”. he let those words sink in for a second before carrying on. “Not just for the little tantrum and for not talking to me but because I think it will make you feel better and put the day’s events behind you.” he said while gazing at her face. ‘Feel better?’ Zoe thought she wasn’t sure about that, Adams spanking tended to hurt!

With that thought Zoe couldn’t help but say “I don’t think I want a spanking!”

Adam couldn’t help but grin at her adorable pout. He gave her a gentle nudge and she stood up and waited for further directions.

Wasting no time Adam reached and unbuttoned her black work trousers pulling them down to rest below her knees. Standing there in her hot pink underwear Adam guided her over his lap. Adam immediately got to work, deciding no words were needed, covering her panty clad bottom in stinging spanks. He wasn’t intending this to be a punishment spanking as she hadn’t exactly been bad but he wanted it to be hard enough to make her feel better again. Adam continued to smack firmly away at her bottom turning it from white to a shade of pink. He debated over whether to stop the spanking and pick up the hairbrush he sometimes used for discipline spankings but decided his hand was doing a good enough job. Zoe began to squirm and let out cries of discomfort but Adam carried on. Adam stopped briefly to pull down her panties so he could spank her on the bare which he felt was most effective. He then continued raining his hand down landing several smacks to her sit spot causing Zoe to wail “Please stop.. no more ..ouch,…nooo!”  Adam decided he wasn’t done yet and continued spanking her pale round cheeks. Her bottom was now a deep red in colour and after landing a few swats to the back of her thighs he stopped. Zoe lay over his knees panting and sobbing quietly, her bottom was already on fire and she didn’t think she could take much more. All the days frustrations seemed to pour out of her.

Adam lifted her to sit on his lap again careful to keep her sore rear from touching anything. Adam rubbed her back for a few minutes while she calmed down. Eventually the sobbing had ceased and she looked collected.

“ Feeling better?” he asked affectionately.

“Yes” she replied even managing a watery smile. Her bottom hurt but she felt strangely better. Her mood had lifted, she felt so much more relaxed, her calmness restored. ‘Who knew spankings were such good stress relievers!’ she mused.